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Experience seamless, efficient, and secure property transactions with crypto.

What We Stand For

We’re transforming real estate with blockchain technology, making buying, selling, and managing properties secure, efficient, and transparent. Our commitment is to ensure transactions are fairer and more innovative, combining trust and technology for smooth and beneficial property dealings for everyone.

Introducing HOME3

Experience the Power of Blockchain in Real Estate

Say goodbye to traditional barriers and embrace a seamless, efficient, and secure way to buy, sell, or rent properties with crypto assets.

Native Utility Token

The Future of Real Estate Transactions

HTS is our native cryptocurrency, designed to facilitate secure and efficient transactions within the HOME3 ecosystem. Whether you're buying, selling, or investing in real estate, HTS offers unparalleled benefits and security.

HTS token contract address



Meet the Team Behind HOME3

Our team is a diverse group of blockchain experts, real estate professionals, and tech enthusiasts, all committed to revolutionizing the real estate industry. With a shared vision and dedication to innovation, we are driving the future of property transactions.


Milestones toward revolutionary change

Each phase of our journey brings us closer to transforming property transactions for a better tomorrow.

Brand & Token Launch

HOME3 brand launch & initial token operations

HOME3 brand launch

Establishing our market identity with a compelling brand.

HTS token launch

Introducing HTS, our native cryptocurrency for secure real estate transactions.

HOME3 Intel network launch

Building a network of insights and data for our users.

Community building

Engaging and growing a strong user base through outreach initiatives.

Brand ambassador onboarding

Recruiting advocates to represent and promote HOME3.

Blockchain partnerships & collaborations

Forming strategic alliances to enhance our platform.

Product Launch & Token Listings

First product release & increased token adoption

HOME3 platform launch

Launch of our first product, the HOME3 real estate marketplace app.

Centralized exchange listing

First listing of our native token on a centralized exchange.

Product marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns focused on bringing adoption to HOME3 app.

Real estate partnerships

Forming partnerships with real estate brands.

Full product suite release calendar

Roadmap release for our full product suite.

REIT formation

Formation of the HOME3 real estate investment trust.

Product Expansion & Acquisitions

Business expansion and property acquisitions

NFT collection launch

Launch of the HOME 3 NFT collection.

First property acquisition

First purchase of a real estate property under the HOME3 brand.

LEND3 platform launch

Launch of our second product, the LEND3 platform.

Business development teams formation

Formation of business development & sales teams.

Territory research and development

Research trends and analyze performance to improve product offering.

Investment/tokenization platform launch

Launch of our third product focused on investment & tokenization.

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